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All-round competence from a single source

Whether flame cutting, heavy plate processing or the production of complex welded components, precision in steel is our profession. We meet the challenging demands in the heavy-duty machinery and plant construction sector by providing top-quality flame-cut plates and extensively processed welded components, all from a single source. For decades now, we have been consistently tuning our service portfolio to constantly increasing customer demands and to the anticipated requirements of the market in years to come.

And with great success! Our integrated services and intelligent solutions are highly appreciated in a wide range of sectors. We are well known as a highly flexible and fast-working partner who can be relied on for commitment to utter precision, in large project orders or in batches. We are a leading specialist for complex, ready-to-install flame-cut plates with thicknesses up to 1100 mm. But you can be sure that large, heavy welded components where particularly intricate demands have to be met in terms of mechanical and geometrical properties are also in safe hands with us. The wide-ranging manufacturing expertise that we offer from a single source and our collaboration with firmly established partners ensure that this is always the case. Our end-to-end supply chain gives our customers the guarantee of consistently high, reproducible quality. Our membership in the Group Dillinger Hütte affords us permanent access to ground-breaking technological know-how in steel production. It also means that we have a stable supply base for a comprehensive range of steel plate qualities and sizes.

These are optimal conditions for us to help our customers assert a competitive edge in a highly demanding market environment. The sheer number of orders we have successfully completed in a wide range of industrial sectors is a clear indication of the trust that customers place in our solutions.