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Production competence on a grand scale

We leave the light and easy stuff to the others. What we seek with our wide-ranging expertise in large-format steel production is the challenge of really complex heavyweights. Whether for project orders with batch size 1 or for large runs, precision steelwork is our hallmark.

We produce large, heavy flame-cut steel parts and ready-to-install welded components with unit weights up to 160 tons. The more intricate the required geometry the better. We do like to show what we are capable of! This is also true for machining like drilling and milling, where we put the finishing touches to large-scale, precision-cut components. We provide an extensive range of further processing options – annealing, chamfering, welding, shot-blasting and painting – to enhance the product according to individual specifications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment we are in an exceptionally good position to do this. We use welding robots to guarantee consistent, fault-free welding seams, even in the case of multi-pass welding. This also enables us to offer our customers a high degree of cost-saving potential. The thermal treatment we provide – in one of Southern Germany's largest annealing furnaces – includes low-stress annealing of large components or complete component assemblies with unit weights up to 160 tons. We chamfer the most complicated geometries and weld fine grain structural steels. When it comes to painting, we offer our customers a choice between solvent-based and water-based paints. This is an option which, in view of the increasingly strict targets set for environmental compatibility and environmental commitment, is more and more in demand on the market.

As specialists for demanding products and solutions in premium quality, we place great value on technologically advanced machinery and processes in all stages of production. This is how we ensure consistently perfect results and adherence to schedules. We offer our customers the added security of long-term contracts and carefully selected suppliers. For them, this means consistently first-class material quality, guaranteed reproducibility and high reliability of supply for their components. The technological lead of our mother company Group Dillinger Hütte enables us to produce parts at the drop of a hat, even in widths of over 5,000 mm or very large unit weights. Our mandatory ultrasonic testing of all incoming steel plates thicker than 150 mm puts the dot on the "i" in premium – exactly the quality of service we strive to provide.