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Contract annealing in XXL format

Stress relief for large components made of cast iron and steel is an easy task for us. Through precisely tuned annealing, we can give exactly the properties you require to components as big as houses with unit weights of up to 160 tons.

Whatever the task – preheating of plant components prior to welding or stress relief for parts after shaping – our 15 metres long, 5.8 metres wide and 3.8 metres high annealing furnace has ample room for supersized workpieces. In it, forged, welded or cast large-scale components are enhanced with the very mechanical properties to ready them for the extreme stresses and strains they will encounter in their future field of application. Normalisation refines and homogenises course-grained, irregular microstructures in hot-stamped components. This makes them more ductile, tougher and more temperature resistant, thus increasing their lifespan. Low-stress annealing is used specifically to minimise internal stresses in workpieces due to mass forming, which may lead to cracks or fractures. With subsequent shot-blasting, we create the preconditions for a perfect finish. We also provide annealing and shot-blasting in
XXL format on contract basis.