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Welded components handled with ease

We have a passion for complexity. That's why we welcome highly demanding requirements in terms of cutting, welding, machining and finishing. Quite simply, we love a challenge.

In the production of ready-to-install welded components with unit weights of up to 160 tons we have really developed into an outstandingly efficient systems provider. Our services cover the full spectrum: support in questions of construction, cutting, drilling, milling, annealing, shot-blasting and varnishing complete, ready-to-install welded components – using our own or purchased parts. We process high-strength materials and produce complete component assemblies with integrated cast parts. We use submerged-arc deposition welding to plate large and heavy cast plates with nickel welding wire to improve the corrosion-resistance of the parts. We ensure the stability of components that will be subjected to enormous strain, for example like the ready-to-install complete solutions we supply to the mobile crane sector, through consistently high quality of materials and weld seams. Our certified welders, and the fact that they are monitored by international welding specialists, are our guarantee for consistently optimal completion of all weld seams. Our new annealing and normalising furnace and our new paintshop are both suitably sized to enable even large-format components to be treated en bloc. This is quality of service that pays off quickly for our customers.

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