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Fit for peak performance

The success of a seaport and inland port depends largely on the efficiency of its cargo handling. The high throughput volume requires the precise and fast handling of the containers. High-performance axles in the forklift trucks ensure maximum reliability and productivity.


Kessler + Co is a world leader in the manufacture of drive components and control software for heavy mobile vehicles, including handling equipment for modern port facilities. The company's leading position in this sector is based on welded axle beams, which are customised and manufactured in variable quantities. Unlike with cast axle beams, batch size 1 is not uncommon at Kessler + Co. On a production area of 130,000 square metres in Abtsgmünd, the company produces bespoke solutions for customers on all continents. The world market leader relies on our flame-cutting expertise for the construction of special axle housings.


An example of this is the axle housing for a forklift truck used for container handling in the harbour area. As a specialist in large flame-cut parts from particularly thick plates, Jebens was, yet again, the ideal partner for this project. The order from the axle manufacturer included the production of the housing parts from S355 according to the drawing: 180 millimetres thick, 681 millimetres wide, 2,574 millimetres long and weighing 1.6 tonnes, with plastering and blasting on all sides. As Kessler can only cut plates with thicknesses of up to 100 millimetres in house, Jebens is the partner of choice for thicker plates. With our state-of-the-art, high-performance flame-cutting machines and decades of experience, we guarantee implementation with the required level of precision. That is why our experts have already manufactured housings for the axle manufacturer from plate with a thickness of 230 millimetres. After reviewing the material quality of the flame-cut parts, Kessler welds and mounts the different elements, such as the wheel hub, onto the axle beam. With a length of almost 3.5 metres and a weight of 2.6 tonnes, the finished axle is designed for loads of 440,000 newtons. For Kessler, our reliability, and their close relationship with us are the reasons for the long-standing collaboration. They provide the company with the quality assurance required for its high-performance components.