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Efficiency in mobile crane construction

When our customers reach for the sky, we make sure their feet stay firmly on the ground. With our welded high alloyed steels, we help to reduce wall thicknesses and thus also fuel consumption in the mobile crane or mining machinery sectors.

We are seasoned suppliers of the mobile crane industry, providing them with ballast elements and ready-to-install components, also with integrated cast parts. Thanks to our transformation into a systems provider, our customers in this sector can now outsource complete processes to us and successively increase their added value. These well-known crane manufacturers know they can rely on our services, especially when highest precision is called for to ensure the necessary operational safety. So base plates and weight holders for mobile cranes, harbour cranes and floating cranes are part of our daily business. We are particularly in demand when it comes to extremely complex assemblies, for example those destined to accommodate the cable winches – in other words, when perfection in precision is required.