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350 Years of commitment

Job anniversaries are not a matter of course, but are evidence of successful collaboration. We recently honoured no fewer than 26 employees for their loyalty and commitment.


After a three-year forced break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had all the more reason to pay tribute to long-standing company employees. The anniversaries ranged from 20 to 35 years of service in production, sales, and administration. Sixteen employees alone have remained loyal to us for 20 years, eight for 25 years, two for 30 years and one has even been with us for 35 years.


In order to give everyone the recognition they deserve, the anniversary celebration took place in a new, festive setting in a large event at our premises. After a brief reception, our Managing Director Carsten Schmickler honoured those celebrating their jubilees in a short speech. He emphasised that their combined expertise and experience represented a proud 350 years of Jebens' life story. In his conclusion, he summarised his appreciation for this solidarity and tireless commitment: "Companies need people who get involved in the company, identify with it and feel comfortable there. People like you are the company's mainstay!" As a token of appreciation, the long-serving employees then received a personalised certificate from their respective line managers. An informal dinner together concluded the evening, which was characterised by a sense of togetherness and palpable loyalty.