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Here are a few examples showing the range of our services:



Application: Parts that will be used in the shipping and transporttaion industrie

Steelgrade: S355J2+N

Weight / Dimensions: 120x265x300 mm // 48 kg

Particularity: Different chamfers and large cut-outs



Application: This flame-cut part is joined together with S355 steel in a welded construction and inserted into a press

Steelgrade: S690Q

Weight / Dimensions: 460x625x1640 mm // 3350 kg

Particularity: Long, very even chamfers despite thick material 



Application: Part of a mobile crane

Steelgrade: S355J2+N

Weight / Dimensions: 100x215x973 mm // 85 kg

Particularity: Parts are first prepared on the flame-cutting machine and receive their chamfers with the flame-cutting robot