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Uncompromising precision

Almost all manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines rely on our expertise in flame cutting. This is also the case for MAPLAN GmbH in Austria.


For almost 50 years, MAPLAN has been the leader in the manufacture of elastomer injection moulding machines. Development and production are carried out here from a single source. Whether for the mass production of simple products or precision parts with high quality requirements: numerous industries around the world rely on the high-end systems from the Austrian machine manufacturer. In addition to the automotive, aerospace, sanitary and medical technology industries, customers also include manufacturers of furniture, household appliances and security technology, as well as components used in the fossil fuel and renewable energy sectors.


MAPLAN also counts on our expertise to ensure the level of precision they need for their systems. We produce flame-cut parts for the company according to drawings, which are then processed by the plant manufacturer in Austria into components for plastic injection moulding machines, such as moving or fixed clamping plates. The range of blanks we cut is correspondingly wide: it includes thicknesses from 30 to 360 millimetres, widths from 280 to 1,120 millimetres and lengths from 640 to 1,120 millimetres. The weight of the parts is correspondingly diverse, ranging from 20 to 3,612 kilograms. Our leading technical expertise, extensive experience in the production of components for plastic injection moulding machines, state-of-the-art plant technology for the production of precise blanks and a plate warehouse that also covers thicknesses of up to 450 millimetres also make us a strong and reliable partner for MAPLAN.