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On a sure footing

We have been working closely with the Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik for over ten years. During this time, we have manufactured 35 base plates of various sizes for oil supply systems. These many years of experience also make us a reliable partner for this company when it comes to new challenges.


The large-format oil supply systems from the leading manufacturer based in Waghäusel are used worldwide in compressor systems, process pumps and steam and gas turbines, for example. While the chemical and petrochemical industries in particular have relied on these systems in the past, electricity producers, such as RWE, are now also placing their trust in the proven solutions from Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik. 


We received an order to produce three welded components for innovative base plates to be used in the oil supply systems of large compressors that are to be installed in a hydrogen storage facility. Each of these plates is 705 millimetres high, 1,900 millimetres wide, 3,300 millimetres long and weighs 909 kilograms. In addition to manufacturing and drawing, our order also included the purchase of various items according to the parts list. The system manufacturer also provided us with a range of special components, such as drain sleeves and grounding lugs. We used all these components to create the complete welded construction of the base plates in our factory in Nördlingen. In addition to the main plates, this also included large beams that were welded under the plate to reinforce and secure the overall structure. We then completely sandblasted the base plate and applied several layers of customised paint to both sides.


After the testing and acceptance of our welded construction, the Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik takes over the assembly and welding of components, such as tanks, pumps, filters, coolers, pipe connections and controls, which are necessary for the smooth operation of the system. This is why the company values us as a first-class partner, who reliably delivers the high level of dimensional accuracy and the flatness of the base plates required.