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Market-oriented machinery and equipment

Cutting, machining and surface finishing of thick, heavy flame-cut parts and complex welded components is our daily business. To ensure that our modern machinery and equipment are always state-of-the-art, high investment in continuous improvement of our plant is a fundamental aspect of our corporate policy.

Our market-oriented machinery and equipment enables us to meet the increasing demands on flame-cut parts and welded components in terms of their mechanical and geometrical properties.

Thermal cutting

14 thermal cutting machines
  • plasma cutting
  • oxygen cutting
  thickness range: 8 - 1,100 mm
  width up to 8,000 mm
  length up to 20,000 mm
  max. unit weight 55 tons

Chamfering robots + CNC chamfering aggregatesindividual contour-true chamfering and cutting in multiple layers 
  thickness range 8 - 500 mm
  width up to 2,200 mm
  length up to 8,500 mm
  max. unit weight 20 tons


2 straightening presses
  • to DIN specifications
  • to customer specifications
  pressure up to 3,500 kN

Flame straightening  
  controlled straightening of thick plates  

Thermal treatment

  • low-stress annealing
  width 5,800 mm
  length 15,000 mm
  height 3,800 mm
  max. charge weight 160 tons
  • normalising
  width 3,500 mm
  length 10,500 mm
  height 2,500 mm
  max. charge weight 40 tons

Surface treatment

Continuous type shot blasting machine  
  width up to

2,700 mm
Manual blasting cabin  
  max. filling weight Plant 1

40 tons
  max. filling weight Plant 2
160 tons
Mobile blasting system  
2 painting cabins
  • Plant 1 for solvent-based and water-based paints
  width 5,000 mm
  length 9,000 mm
  height 2,500 mm
  max. unit weight 40 tons
  • Plant 2 for solvent-based paints
  width 5,800 mm
  length 11,500 mm
  height 3,800 mm
  max. unit weight 160 tons


CNC machining centre for milling and drilling  
  max. X-axis 16,000 mm
  max. Y-axis 3,700 mm
  max. Z-axis 2,500 mm
  max. unit weight 100 tons


MIG / MAG / submerged arc welding facilities  
Weld tilt and turn table  
    30 tons
  max. unit weight 50 tons

2 welding robots
  • Plant 1
  max. X-axis 5,500 mm
  max. Y-axis 3,700 mm
  max. Z-axis 3,000 mm
  • Plant 2
  max. X-axis 15,000 mm
  max. Y-axis 6,000 mm
  max. Z-axis 5,500 mm

  • Also welding of fine grain structural steels
  • Build-up welding / plating of cast steel
  • Manufacturing qualification according to the DIN 18800-7 Class E standard, extended to include S960
  • Certification according to the DIN EN 729-2:1994 and ISO 3834-2:2006 standards ("Higher Welding Certificate") as well as EN 1090 Exec 4

Testing facilities

  • Ultrasonic inspection also with phased-array technology for fast and reliable checking from several angles
  • Strength and crack testing
  • Spectral analysis
  • All testing options with suitable documentation