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No compromise on quality

Quality calls for systematic and consistent attention – to detail and to the interplay between processes. This is exactly what certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management stands for. We have established precise, consistent quality control and test procedures along the whole of our process chain. From incoming goods through all stages of production to final inspection, all our processes are transparent, measurable and documented. This guarantees the reproducibility of all our products and solutions. We see traceability down to the last detail as an essential criterion in quality assurance for made-to-measure steel products, because ultimately it is only in the sum of all these details that we achieve the premium quality that we can proudly call "made by Jebens". And we keep a very close eye on this quality standard through extensive checks, internally as well as externally through independent test institutes, to ensure strict compliance with customer specifications and industrial norms.

Quality is the best proof of our leading technical competence, sound experience and excellently trained staff. We see quality as an imperative, because we have a responsibility to reliably meet the complex demands on the production of steel parts that will be subjected to enormous strain in heavy-duty machinery. This is evident in our manufacturing qualification through certification according to the DIN EN 729-2:1994 and ISO 3834-2:2006 ("Higher Welding Certificate") standards, and also according to the EN 1090 Exec standards, as well as in the fact that our welders are all certified and are also monitored by our own team of international welding specialists, who are themselves qualified according to the DVS-IIW 1170 standard. We deploy qualified ultrasonic examiners for systematic screening. For example, we perform ultrasonic checks on all incoming steel plates from a thickness of 150 mm upwards to ensure optimal material properties. And we maintain our uncompromising quality standards through continuous in-service training and further qualification of all our employees.