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Test procedures for top quality

We ensure the reliable premium quality of our products through comprehensive internal and external quality control. We firmly believe in the maxim: trust is good, but control is better.

Our test procedures include ultrasonic testing, strength and crack testing, and spectral analysis. We work closely with Germanischer Lloyd Prüflabor in Stuttgart, Germany. As a neutral, internationally accredited test institute, Germanischer Lloyd audits and documents the requisite quality of our products. This institute provides mechanical, metallographic and non-destructive material tests as well as test reports, examination of damage and inspection certificates 3.1C / 3.2 in accordance with the EN 10204 standard, and all that at short notice.

Test procedureRegulation/NormInternalIn cooperation with GLP
Brinell Hardness Test DIN EN ISO 6506 X  
Rockwell Hardness Test, C Scale (HRC) DIN EN ISO 6508 X  
Charpy V-Notch Impact Test (R.T. to -76°C) DIN EN ISO 148   X
Tensile test at R.T. DIN EN ISO 6892   X
Jominy Face Quenching Test DIN EN ISO 642   X
Determination of steel purity level with image series DIN EN 10247   X
Determination of apparent grain size DIN EN ISO 643   X
Dye penetrant testing all ISO norms, also acc. to SEP standard 1936 X  
Magnetic particle testing all ISO norms X  
Ultrasonic inspection all ISO norms, also acc. to SEP standards 1921 and 1923 X  
Rebound hardness testing (Equotip / Dynatest) ASTM A956-96 X